• Rhodolite purple garnet, pear pendant earring set - luxury - pink gems
  • Rhodolite purple garnet, pear pendant earring set - luxury - pink gems

Rhodolite Purple Garnet, Pear Pendant Earring Set – Luxury

Purple Garnet Set Eye Clean piece for High-End Top-of-the-Line Jewels.

Rhodolite is a purplish red garnet, a blend between almandine and pyrope in composition. With its fiery purple hues and high luster, it has become a sought-after gem in the jewelry industry.

Rhodolite has been a mainstay of Pink Gems’ product range since the 1990s. Pink Gems has emerged as a top global supplier of rhodolite with its comprehensive range and finest pieces available in the market.

At Pink Gems, Rhodolite is available in all standard shapes and sizes.

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